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Stomach / abdomen tic?

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Our 6 year old has been complaining about his stomach hurting or "feeling gooey" as he puts it. This has been happening for about the past 3 years.


I have ts and my biggest tic involves the stomach. Kind of feels like i'm being tickled from the inside. However my tics started together (stomach, eye blimnking, head stuff, ect...) So, i'm wondering if he will start ticcing later. I'm wondering is this ts? From everything i know about ts the jerky movements (tics) start and are quite aesy to notice. This seems strange and i'm really hoping it's not ts.


Does anyone have any experience with this type of tic??


Thank you.

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Hi there:


I know it is so hard to try and describe something like the stomach thing your son is experiencing - the only thing i can add to the discussion is that my son, who is 8, has a stomach tic like someone else here described, where he sucks his stomach in and then pushes it out and then complains of tummy ache. he also will do hard to see little sucks in rapid succession. Anything like this seem like what your son may be doing? if not, you may want to go to the doctor, maybe something is wrong in the stomach like an ulcer or something? Good luck.

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I have wondered recently if I should have my youngest son tested for H pylori. I always thought, yeast or digestive problems, low stomach acid etc.

Since starting supplements, his stomach aches are much less frequent. I have seen the abdominal tic before, but it was brief.


I ran across the H pylori info, looking for something else. What struck me about it, was how they said that the stomach aches went away abruptly with food or liquids. I remember, the first part of the school year, last year, his teacher would call home and apologize for it. She said "he's just not faking this." I knew that, but I guess she didn't know how long we had been dealing with those stomach aches. The funny thing was, he could be lying on his bed, crying, holding his stomach, one minute and perfectly fine 5 minutes later. I did give him water, or a small piece of a tums, or whatever I could think of, at the time. Can H pylori resolve without antibiotics? Would digestive enzymes make a difference as it seems his stomach is better than it was?


Itsme, do you think gooey means nausious or do you think your son is feeling that internal tickle?


I wanted to post this article, guess it's relevant here



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Thanks everyone! I think the tic gooey feeling is the tickle sensation that i have. I'm hoping it's not, but if it is it is treatable. For the first time in 30 years that feeling went away for me this past summer due to the program i was on. Than!!!!! i had to take antibiotics and painkillers for a couple route canals. So i went off the program for about a month and it came back. So i am now back on the program trying to get that peace back. :wacko:

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just an FYI for anyone dealing with H.pylori and ulcers...............mastic gum (gum mastica) is remarkable in eradicating the bacteria and DGL liquorice (MUST be DGL) heals the ulcer


both are available at Vitamin Shoppe and other health stores

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Yes it did work well, until the antibiotics and pain killers and got off the diet for about a month.


I am taking:


bontech supps

Vit e

vit c






Also eating a Very strict diet!! The candida diet. No sugars and very low carbs. Kind of bland but who cares.... it's so well worth it.


Any other questions,please don't hesitate top ask me.

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Can you tell us how your program was put together? I'm really interested in buyrate. I'm thinking you had the great plains OAT, Genova stool test or it was a practitioner that recommended it, based on experience?


Do you feel that you ever had the classic signs of yeast overgrowth? Since butyrate is involved in GABA and GABA receptors are found in the intestinal tract and on T cells, not to mention the brain, it's interesting how this may be tied in with the reduction in the sensation in the stomach area.


The pain killers, antibiotics, and infection that started the need for them, "undoing" the improvements, is quite a reinforcer that you had gut flora problems, I would think. I'm assuming you're using transdermal glutathione?


Are you regaining improvements yet?

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The environmental dr. recommended the butyrate based on tests (i think it was the urinalysis). It was low which as i recall indicated the need for short chain fatty acids.


I don't think i had these classic symptoms of candida:


Group 1: The damage to the intestinal wall allows undesirable toxins to permeate into the bloodstream. This condition called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ often leads to:


food allergies and intolerances


foggy brain

muscle aches


Group 2: Once through to the rest of the body, candida has the ability to disrupt the endocrine system causing symptoms such as:





menstrual irregularities

joint pains




fungal infections of the nails/skin e.g. athlete’s foot

weight gain or weight loss

ear infections

chronic tiredness


sensitivity to perfume, tobacco smoke and petrol


Group 3: Symptoms in the intestines include:




diarrhoea and/or constipation

itchy anus


However the dr. is treating me for it with RESTRICTED diet and nystatin -


The nystatin is what many believe to be one of the best treatments for candi

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I don't know what happened i somehow got cut off in my last reply!?


Amy - The nystatin is what many believe to be one of the best treatments for candida and it is a prescription drug and it is a small pill. Probiotics help to get the gut right - it is good if you have an overgrwth of bad bacteria in the gut. It brings balance and promoted good bacteria.


Not reagaining any of the previous improvments yet Kim, but i will NEVER EVER give up!! It felt WAY to good to have those tics down by 50% - 80%. God has opened the window of healing for me. Next time, I'm jumping through it, slamming it shut than cementing the hole!!! :)

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