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Fermented milk products

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I am reading about fremented milk products, and their ability to make pathogenic bacteria simply disappear.


I came across this interesting tid-bit, about Dali (similar to yogurt). When E-coli, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus were added to dali the organisms soon died off.


In general, pathogenic bacteria simply disappeared two to four days after they are added to yogurt containing from 1.65 to 2 percent lactic acid. Their are other species, like Neisseria meningitides (an agent for meningitis)

the list goes on. All died off, or did not develop. I'm wondering if fremented milk products would benefit children with PANDAS, or would it help for those kids who seem to have more trouble during strep season.


If people living in traditional cultures enjoy good health, and do not get these diseases, is a child who for most of their life ate yogurt...could this be one factor to their never having strep?


Just wanting to understand what I'm reading here. I know kefir/yogurt is good for you, but am I educated on all its benefits. How would one know if there was enough lactic acid in the fremented milk product.


Thanks guys,


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