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did they tell you the brand name or just say get Max EPA? I am assuming that product would be higher in EPA? Is that supposed to be important?


I don't give fish oil presently because I felt it caused more ticcing in my son, although I suppose it could be my imagination, but last year we did use a product recommended by our DAN doctor and it was called "Pro EPA Xtra by Nordic Naturals. It had a 4 to 1 EPA to DHA ratio. We also have a product in the fridge given by our Naturo by Metagenics and it has EPA 1400 to DHA 925. So that's two products recommended that has higher EPA.


Now this has gotten me curious if the differences of EPA and DHA make any difference. I know the Nordic Naturals DHA Junior product has more DHA than EPA and our first naturo said that was okay to take too. I mean I am wondering now which is more important for tics, and if it matters at all, or is Omega-3 just Omega 3 and doesn't matter about EPA/DHA? I'm also wondering if the extra ticcing that some notice have anything to do with the EPA/DHA amounts. Would those noticing extra ticcing in their kids while on fish oil mind posting which product they used when they suspected that and the contect of the EPA/DHA. Maybe it has something to do with that? Also if anyone notices more improved concenttation in their kids when on fish oil, and again the ratio.


I'd really like to give my son the DHA junior because I think the DHA is supposed to be for focus and attention? Am I correct? But always afraid to experiment with that again.




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Hi Faith,


I know we used a Carlson Brand with the high DHA, however, I was more thinking my sons ticcing on the fish oil was from the mixed tocopherols. I called every fish oil co. that our health food store carried, and every one said their was a little amount of soy in the vit. E part of the fish oil.


I would like to say my sons has done very well on the fish we have been giving him. As for concentration, I do believe he is able to memorize more work on his study guides in school. He is one out of 2 kids in his pre-algebra class who received a 100% on last weeks test. Also a 100% on his math quiz the second week of school. He studied for a civics, science, Spanish, and English (all tests) this past weekend. When I quizzed him on it all he got just about every question right. So I'm thinking he is benefiting from the fish.


I do give our daughters fish oil, higher in the DHA. The oldest has been taking it since last year. Her history teacher, and science teacher both wanted her to take honors classes this year. She also received the Latin award, for having the highest grade in the class. I really do believe it is working for her, because each year I was afraid school would get harder for her, but she is doing better then I ever expected.



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I am sorry to be so persistent in figuring out exactly which brand Dr. Murphy is recommending. I was so hoping I could just give the antibiotic and the tics would leave and that just isn't happening. I saw the NSI brand you recommended, DeeDee, and was just trying to see what the other options were. Someone said Max EPA was recommended, and someone else said Coromega. Coromega is not 2-1 EPA-DHA. Maybe it doesn't matter, but I am just grasping at straws.

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I don't think she endorses a particular brand. All I can tell you is that she said in my situation to make sure that we got no additional omega 6's. I am sure that every situation is different. You may have to experiment around like we did till you find what is right for you. Good luck.



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