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We have decided to wean our son off his Clonodine partly because of the neurologist being a huge dope, and partly because we're not seeing any real benefit from it anymore. We are taking it slowly, over the course of 2-3 weeks, reducing first by half, then by half again. He is currently only on 1/2 pill each night and that will end Monday.


We recently visited a naturopathic lady and she determined that our son is allergic to sugar, chocolate, and dairy. Of course, these are the things he lives on. Also, it was determined that he has a low MSH level caused by an overgrowth of mold, particularly slime mold in his system.


First of all, can anyone explain this? Secondly, is it better to wait until he is completely off the Clonodine to begin the supplements? We are restricting his diet now in regards to the above, and although it's only been a few days, his activity level seems better. Probably in my head, but hey, you take good days anytime you can.


His tics are mainly facial most of the time, sometimes it's an arm flick. When he has vocal tics, they can get quite severe in terms of repetition.


He also has ADHD and OCD, but I think those are mild.



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hi brink

we must have had the same neurologist ^_^


it's never too soon to start supplements as long as they dont react with the med (you can always check interactions at the Natural health encyclopedia


We have a number of members reporting improvement once offending triggers are removed, including foods that one is sensitive or allergic too,



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Hi brink,


If I could make a suggestion, I would start with a mag/cal Or the Natural Calm. Olny because I have not heard anyone say mag triggered tics. Some supps can trigger tics, and that would just make you wonder if the supps were the trigger or was it from the weaning off the meds. Just stay calm, and trust, God will do the rest.


God Bless,


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