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Hi everyone,


I know some of you are no way thinking about dating for your child, but thought I would ask, and maybe some of you parents who have TS could help answer some questions.


My son has only showed a little interest in girls. He has a girl he likes, but only smiles when she is mentioned. I was wondering how I could encourage him, and maybe ask some probing questions to fine out how he feels about girls/dating, and having TS.


I have talked to my husband about it, but he really isn't much help, because he was not labled as having TS. He also had no idea he was different as a child. He did date a little when he was in high school.


Just wondering if some parents with older TS children could share how their kids deal with the subject of dating.

Any parent who has TS I would love to hear how you felt at that tender age.


Thanks in advanced,


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Well I'm thankful I don't have to deal with my own girls dating......YET!

Thought I'd tell you my own experiences though from my adolescent years. Like your husband, I wasn't labeled as having TS. However I knew I had strange "habits" and was sometimes teased at school......mostly people talking behind my back which I would later hear about from others. I don't ever remember anyone directly coming up to me and saying anything derogatory.

anyway, I did date a boy seriously.....well as serious as you can be in highschool......for about three years. I just don't remember him ever asking me or referring to my tics at all. I had pretty good control over suppressing them but we were together alot so i couldn't do that all the time.

For me, the tics didn't have any effect on dating. It just wasn't talked about. Hope that helps a bit anyway.

Does your son have control over suppressing tics, especially vocal?

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This article had caught my attention, awhile back, because it mentioned dopamine in relationship to love. I could have sworn I had read several accounts along the way of tics disappearing when someone was in a new relationship. Since my oldest son's tics are so minimal (I don't believe he tics outside of this house at all, just an occasional neck stretch or head twith when he's sitting relaxing), I was thinking OH NO. He just informed me last night, that he has a date for homecoming next weekend. :huh:


I just thought it was interesting.




Romance seems to steep in parts of the brain that are rich in dopamine, a chemical known to affect emotions. These brain regions are also linked by other studies to the motivation for rewards.

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