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No success with son's tics yet


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Just my own opinion or observation, but I have always felt the magnesiium seemed most beneficial for the eye twitches, maybe in part because I think (again my own reasoning) that most people with tics usually start with the eyes (of course not all), and I think its possible if that is the case, then maybe if that's the first symptom to start, then maybe its the first to go. Was that the first tic you noticed in your son at the beginning? I know it was for us. ... I kind of feel that if multiple tics are occuring, it may be more indication of things gone awry in our kids, whatever the issue is, and just needs more "fixing" or "healing" time. Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly, but that's my theory.



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Hi Faith,


Eye tics were first for my son too. It is the only tic that will come and go.


All other motor tics my husband had as a child are ALL gone. He only has the vocal tic that will pop up once in a while.


The vocal is the one tic my son can not seem to shake. I guess if he is going to be like his father it may never go away, just lessen. (I hope)



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Thanks Chemar! I have more questions:

My son had braces for about 11 months, he just got them removed on Monday. On Monday I also started him on B-comx, taurine, and magnesium. Tuesday was probably the best day he had so far in over two months. He only blinked few times (very mild). He was still doing his nose/mouth twich but that has not been severe. Today (wednesday) he had to get retainers, they are plastic and not visible and he has to wear them about 12 hours a day. I noticed as soon as he wore them his blinking got more noticeable. I asked him to take it off and it was a little better again even though not as good as yesterday. Is this my imagination or these retainers are making him more anxious. Any input would be helpful.


Are the supplements suppose to help with all tics because I noticed the difference in eye twiching only and not with the mouth/nose twich. Thank you!



Hi jkc


from what I have seen with my own son, as well as heard from others, for some, dental issues, and especially orthodontics, seem to be tic triggers. I think it may be related to pressure that the retainers or braces etc possibly create around the jaw area and that this in turn must trigger something neuralogically to cause the tic waxing


A lot of my son's tics have been face/head/neck orientated and he has less tics in other parts of his body...its has always been that way for him, with eye blinking and rolling the first noticeable tic when he was around 4yo tho at the time we were told this was due to his vision. I now know it was a tic., altho yes, he does need glasses too.


L carnitine has always been considered good for eye/facial and I have heard vocal sometimes too...my son used to do ok on it but later found it made him edgy so he doest take it anymore...it could have a lot to do with that he has been on various forms of his supplements for almost 7 years now and his own body has changed much in that time, with those topsy turvythe hormonal years almost past, which for many are the worst of their tic years.


as an aside but related to metal braces, my son cannot tolerate any metal in his mouth, so much so that he doesnt use metal forks or spoons, instead using plastic. If he eats with metal utensils it sets of teeth tics for him. We have a special dentist who works with him on this too and dental visits are carefully handled to avoid a flare of his tics.


food textures can also trigger tics for him. All this is likely related to his Sensory Integration dysfunction, (SID) which a lot of kids with TS have (for more see http://www.out-of-sync-child.com/ ) that book helped bring the realization that this was a reason for my son loathing labels in clothes or seams in socks and certain fabric feels etc etc etc as well as the other hypersensitivities that he has to sensory stimuli. And these "irritants" in turn can be very triggering to his tics



so glad you saw the positive effects with the supps and hope this will continue as you work on how best to deal with the possible tic fallout related to the orthodontics.



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