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I think son is incognito.

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Hi all,


Just wanted to post a good report for you all. I know how badly we like to hear good news. First I wanted to let you all know the 6 baby teeth he had pulled had no effect on his tics. Nor did the gas they gave him. School so far has been good, he has done well adjusting to a new school. I will have to see how things go for Spanish, because he is taking that class with upper classmates and he is a little scared of them.


Also the school did a great job hand picking his teachers he likes them all.


We are still on a strict diet, that is easy for him because of his high peanut allergy. Carrying around an Epi-pin keeps him on the obedient side :) He had a friend spend the night a few weeks ago and the two of them stayed up all night. Lack of sleep did not seem to bother him either.


He will be 14 in 6 weeks just so you all have an idea of his age, and possible good news about tics lessening with age.


The goldenrod seems not to be a problem this fall, maybe the cow we get the raw milk from, has been munching on some gloldenrod for dessert. :)


As always your in my prayers,


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Glad to hear he is doing so well. A few questions- is he on any supplements? Does he still have a few minor tics or tic free? What are the diet basics? I know I have read Salmon you were doing and high protein? Is that still the basics and besides peanut butter does he avoid certain foods? How about carbs-are they limited? Thanks for info.

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Hi bmom,


Yes he takes a mutli, 100mg B6, 500mcg B12, Mag (natural calm) 400mg, cal 700mg, vit. E 400mg, selenium 100mcg, zinc 50mg. He will have the SpectraCell lab done again in Oct. to see if we are still on the right track with the vit.


His diet is a lot of meat, I slow cook a whole chix every week, then use that broth for soup. Do the same with a beef roast, and use leftovers for BBQ beef sandwiches. Husband grills ribs, steak and one extra for fajitas the next day. Husband also cooks up chix wings with a sauce of butter and tabasco. Son eat leftovers of that at lunch. He has to chase his friends away from his lunch at school. I made homemade spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from my garden. My husband thinks I have been body snatched, the food tastes too good.


I bake all his treats, cookies, muffins, cakes, and right now I made a lemon meringue pie, from a recipe I found that did not have corn starch in it.


He eats loads of fruit and veggies too.


I do not watch his carbs.


He does not eat soy, corn, and rice.


God Bless,



P.S. I think the year of wholesome foods has helped his school work too.

First week of Spanish he has down numbers 1-100, months, days of the week, and some other words I forgot. He only has that class every other day, so he has only been there 3 times.

I know I'm 1/2 Mexican but I do not speak Spanish (had a hard enough time with English)


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