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Looking for hypoallergenic cleaning products

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Hi everyone! 

I am looking for options to make my home as chemical free as possible for my son who is still struggling with Tics. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for dishwasher tabs, clothes washing powder, and general cleaning stuff at home. I look forward to hearing from you all! 


Thanks a ton! 



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We are partial to Dr Bronners as they are one of the most transparent ones out there, and we buy Sals and Castille soaps in gallon form which last quite a while.

Dishwasher tabs: Seventh Generation tabs and dishwashing rinse agent

Laundry detergent: Dr Bronners Sals suds, about 2 tbsp in a full load in our HE washer

Laundry Drying: wool balls

General Cleaning: Dr Bronners Sals suds diluted to about 1tsp:32oz water

General Cleaning for Hard water stains: Dr Bronner Sals suds diluted to 1tsp:32oz vinegar

Toilet disinfecting: Hydrogen peroxide (yes the standard stuff you can pick up for under a buck per bottle)

Hand washing: Dr Bronners Baby Mild Castille soap diluted with water in foaming hand pumps

For hard floors, we have a steam mopper which works well without any soaps/surfactants.  When they do need a wash, it's literally 1tsp sals in a bucket of warm water.

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Not to make the rabbit hole any deeper, but pesticide use is a biggie as well.  I was reminded yesterday when I bought a pair of shoes and the box contained micro-pak..... Micro-pak is in a lot of consumer products.  Home - Micro-Pak (micropakltd.com)  It may be better than what they had been spraying down boxes with, but I still wouldn't want it lingering in the house.

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