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Help needed to reduce the tic explosion for my son! - From a super worried mom!


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Hi everyone! 
My Son who is 10 years old has developed a LOTTT of Tics after his 10th birthday. Although he always had some simple tics which stayed for weeks and went away without much trouble. We freaked out and took him to the paediatrician and he recommended to do an EEG.
We did the EEG and it came out all fine. 

They finally said that it is TS. 

Before this Tic explosion happened, he was on a trip with his School for 4 days and was over excited about it. 2 weeks after the trip he started developing all sorts of Tics with his head jerking, shoulder shrugs, whole body Tics (as if he is trying to get rid of excess energy on him). 

I am pretty new to this Forum, I did my homework and realised some supplements will help. So I started with the following supplements: 

1) Omega 3 
2) B complex 
3) L-theanine 
4) Magnesium 
5) Probiotics 

I definitely saw around 10% improvement after starting the supplements (the tics became less severe and frequent)
But its not getting better beyond this point. What should I do? 
Its driving me crazy to see him like this :(

Is there anything I am missing and I should be doing? 
Please help! 

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Hi Swetha, I'm sorry your son is going through a major increase in tics, and I know that's so upsetting for you to deal with. I'm glad his EEG was normal.

Part of the approach that this website focuses on is not only the helpful nutrients--and though they can be different for everyone, you have zeroed in on some that are commonly reported to help--but also there's a focus on what to avoid--either in the diet or the environment.  

Also, a comprehensive approach would be to look at everything that might have impacted your son during the trip (in addition to his excitement). Where did they go on the trip, what was he exposed to in the way of chemicals or allergens? 

By the way, do you know if he is allergic, and if so, to what? Does your family have a history of allergy?

You can also think if there is anything that might have changed in addition to his taking the trip. Has anything at all changed at home or at school? Anything from a new car to a pet to a chance in classroom. . . keep an open mind. 

This article touches on most of these concepts:      https://latitudes.org/conditions/what-is-tourette-syndrome/

If you like, Swetha, please drop a note back after reading the article, okay?  Wishing you and your son the best, Sheila 

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Thank you very much Sheila for your prompt response. 

I have been trying to figure out what seem to cause him to tic more, but I am unable to see a set pattern other than the "Over excitement".
Although I would like to mention that he was diagnosed of Dust-Mite-Allergy exactly last year this time and was prescribed some anti-histamine medicines. 
As I come from India (although I live in Europe, Austria now), I tried some Ayurvedic preparations to fight against the allergy and in a few weeks, it seemed to have helped him immensely. Other than the dust allergies in the family, we dont have any other known allergies. 

And yes his class teacher went on a maternity leave, he didnt seem to be very worried about it though. 
Apart from that, he was wearing glasses as he had astigmatism. We took up some alternative medicine and eye-exercises to help him with his eye problems (so that the numbers dont keep increasing). It also seemed to have helped him in reducing his numbers and so we just decided to stop using his glasses. 
I thought the tic explosion could be something to do with stopping the use of Glasses, so we started it back now. 


After reading a lot of articles, I decided to completely cut the sugars and also highly processed foods. Removed most of the dairy (unable to remove Yoghurt, its his favourite) and have cut down on Gluten as well. 
He would eat his lunch at School and now I stopped that and bring him back home for Lunch.
Update from teacher: He is doing amazingly well at School and she mentioned that he looks much calmer now in comparison to the after Trip week. 


He plays Piano, initially we saw that his movements and body jerking made it tough for him to play the Piano, but he is getting better with that as well now. 
What I see is, he tries to supress his Tics at School and outside, and as soon as he enters the Car or home, he lets go and we see the whole lot of Tics! 
Especially when he is reading a book (he is a bookworm) and while watching TV (has always been a child who watched very little TV/video games. Approx 1.5 hours per week) 


Am I missing something? Should I get his stools tested for fungal growth? I am thinking of seeing a naturopath here in Graz (place where I live). 
But its not so easy to find Naturopaths here. 

I have a trip planned to India in 3 weeks, may be I will find a good Naturopath there. 


P:S: Sheila, we are so grateful for the amazing work that you have done and you are continuing to do! 
You and your team are the only ray of hope for mums like me. 
I am grateful and will always be for the amount of research you have done on this! 🙏

Edited by Swetha
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Hi Swetha

I just wanted to commend you for all you are doing to help your son. I know it seems daunting, but day at a time, step by step to improvement!

You mentioned


What I see is, he tries to supress his Tics at School and outside, and as soon as he enters the Car or home, he lets go and we see the whole lot of Tics! 

and I just wanted to reassure you that this is one of the most common things for people with TS. Tic suppression at school, work etc and then a massive tic release once in the safety of car, home etc


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Hi again @Swetha

I just wanted to also comment on what you said re excitement being a tic trigger


I have been trying to figure out what seem to cause him to tic more, but I am unable to see a set pattern other than the "Over excitement".

This is also something many people with TS seem to experience - whether it is great excitement or big stress - that seems to often cause tics to wax.

Someone once suggested this could be linked to the adrenaline reaction in both, and how all that can impact dopamine levels (elevated dopamine may be a tic trigger?)

Try keeping a journal of when you notice tics up or down and what you remember could be associated (food, environment, emotions etc) It is really amazing how one can begin to see patterns and then be able to implement whatever needed to help.


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Swetha, I'm sorry to be so late in replying. I went out of town for several days and am still catching up! I agree with Chemar, that you have done an amazing number of interventions. You are observant and have what it takes to make real progress. In fact, it sounds like you already have. It's great you are cutting out sugars and reducing dairy. It can be hard to know what foods might be involved without trial and error--unless something becomes obvious. Maybe the naturopath could help you with that, if you see one. 

You mentioned you were starting the waring of eyeglasses back up, thinking it might have had something to do with the symptoms. Have you seen a change? There could be visual component, especially since he had tics when reading and watching TV (this is not uncommon.)

You mentioned dust allergy -- have you had a chance to make the bedroom dust-free? (article) A good air purifier in the bedroom can often make a difference.  Could it be possible he also has other sensitivities that you are not aware of.--like to mold?

What is his current "baseline" of tics -- how would you describe the current level to the pre-trip level of tics, before the explosion?

A lot of us can totally relate to him letting the tics out after school! It can be distressing to watch, as a parent. Hopefully as tics keep settling down, he won't have to focus on holding them in. 

You asked about stool testing, that can be helpful for identifying candida as well as bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Does he have digestive problems? 

Please think about chemical exposures in the home or at school, Swetha. Do you have any scented products at home? Air fresheners or incense? And what about scented laundry and cleaning products?  You may have seen enough on the site to have already made changes there. This is an area that is often overlooked as it is natural to focus on food and supplements. Similarly, there could be something at school that he is reacting to. 

We hope you will keep filling us in on progress. I'm not planning to travel again for a while and will keep an eye on this! 

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Hi @Sheila

Thank you so much for your response! Appreciate it. Yes I am planning to see a naturopath sometime in January(we don't get appointments easily, have longer waiting periods). 

We feel the tics are getting better as he started wearing his glasses back. (Not sure if it's the supplements). What else can I do for the tics to reduce if there is  a visual component? 

It's very hard to make the bedroom dust-FREE, although I am dusting and cleaning the sheets almost every week. And I am not sure if he has a mold allergy,  I can get this tested. Also I got him tested for some foods and it's all fine, turns out he is not allergic to dairy, gluten etc. 

After the changes we made and we had a talk with him regarding how he can also train himself to help himself,  there is definitely a significant improvement.  

If I were to rate his tics on the scale of 1 to 10,  Pre-trip tics were at level 2 and it went upto 10 afterwards (peak) , and now it's at a level of 6 is what I would say.  The vocal tics have reduced significantly after I started L- theanine with lemon balm. (Again not sure what really helped,  as I made quite a few changes, can't really track it down)

Regarding your question on digestive issues: No, he has no issues with digestion.  He has no issues with bowel movement either. But I would get his stool test done when I am in India (things move faster there without long wait times). 

Regarding scented products, no we don't use anything like scented candles etc. But we do have body lotions,  washing liquids,  soap etc with scents. I will try to get rid of all of it very soon and tell you if it makes a difference.  

We moved to a new house and got it painted an year and a half ago.  Could it be that the paint has caused this chronic ticcing ? If so what can I do now? Am I too late 😔

We are almost vegans (we do eat milk and milk products), is this kind of diet okay ? I read that meat is most important where neurological issues are concerned.  Ethically it would be very hard for my family to change this.  Please advise.  🙏 

I am very grateful for all the support that I have been receiving from everyone Including 🙏@Chemar

Edited by Swetha
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@Chemarand @SheilaI have been seeing that my Son's Vocal tics  (or stomach tics which cause him to breath somewhat strangely) are causing him to not speak full sentences properly without being able to Tic.  


And he moves his tongue around the mouth and hits his teeth against each other making it even more difficult for him to talk properly. 


Have you ever come across these kind of tics as well? I am feeling a bit strange. Thanks for your help in advance. 🙏

Edited by Swetha
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Is this happening basically all the time, Swetha? (Yes, we have heard of all these types of tics.) I'm sure it must be very distressing for you. I'm so sorry to read about it.  

Are you in India?  I'm sending an email note to you. 

Also, to jump back --  no, meat is not required to heal a tic disorder. As a general concept, a balanced vegetarian diet is fine. 


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Most of the times it's happening yes. 

But his full body moving/jerking, shoulder shrugs etc have all calmed down. Now it's mostly this stomach tic with strange breathing and some head nodding and facial tics. 

I will be travelling over the weekend. Right now I am still in Austria. 

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