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daughter was exposed to Strep! ?

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Hi, I don't post on here much so some of you may not know me. I believe my daughter has pandas and last month she had strep and her tics got REALLY bad and they are just now getting better by 75 %. She only has motor tics, eyes rolling and pushing her belly in and out.....Her friends mom just call me and she has strep and also another friend of hers who she saw both of them on SATURDAY....She is feeling really good as of now and no symptoms of getting sick yet......Should I take her to the DOC just because she was exposed? I don't think he will give her a antibiotic cause he doesn't believe in the PANDAS much but her Neuro is the one who think she does have it.......In the past she doesnt show up as strep on the quick swab test.... Do I wait till I see signs of her getting sick? I dont want her to get it and have those tics outbreak again!!

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