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Maybe this is Pandas based on blood test

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My daughter is 21. And she’s had a lot of mental struggles since she was a toddler. Sensory problems, meltdowns, anxiety, huge separation anxiety. 

As a teen her anxiety got very bad. I saw “anxiety attacks” that were more severe than I suspect an anxiety attack could be. 

At present she has anxiety, panic, some psychotic symptoms, and chronic nausea. The chronic nausea is very awful for her and we have not found meds or alternative stuff that eliminates the nausea.

Therapy and meds are only minimally effective.  She’s been on Zoloft for years and recently started a low dose of an antipsychotic. 

We recently went to an integrative doc and I just got the blood test results emailed to me. It shows higher than normal antigens for strep. Which from what I understand means she has had strep recently. Also low vit D.  

My daughter has had strep many, many times in her life. She would often only feel like she has a lump of hair in her throat and be nauseous, but no sore throat. She wasn’t aware of a strep infection since 4 years ago, but obviously she has strep recently. 
We have an appointment soon to go over the blood test results. 

My question is could this be Pandas even though she really didn’t have OCD or TICS. I mean maybe ocd if severe separation anxiety counts. When she was a toddler and even older, I would literally have to tell her if I was going downstairs for laundry for example, as if she called for me and if I didn’t hear her she would be frantic and think I left her alone. 

So could this be Pandas?  And any suggestions of stuff to give her while I await our appointment?  

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I am not a PANDAS parent, but from what I do know of PANDAS it certainly sounds to me like there is a strong possibility that may be a factor for your child?

Hopefully one of the members with more knowledge on this will respond soon.

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