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If "the rules" get broken?

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If "the rules" get broken and they stay broken, so you're stuck the wrong side of "the rules" the whole time, does it ever resolve if for some kind of medical reasons the underlying PANS gets less, even if the original thing that was breaking "the rules" is not resolved?  It doesn't seem to in my experience.  Usually once I'm "stuck" I seem to stay just as "stuck" as I was to start with until the thing that broke "the rules" is resolved, even if the underlying PANS has subsided to a point where if that thing were to happen again it wouldn't cause any difficulty.

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Did you ever find an answer to your question? 

It seems you are asking if an OCD related rule has been broken does it need to be resolved in order to clear it from your mind and move on? My son has "rules" that sometimes get broken and time stops until we figure out what has caused the issue. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to help. Sometimes he cannot communicate fully what the issue is. Sometimes he gets so upset that he cant talk to me and just has to go to sleep in order to reset. (And the next day is better.) 

My son is going through ivig and just getting older. As he gets better the OCD rules aren't always there. He is able to move forward without the interruptions. The original "rules" are no longer valid. Sometimes there are new rules and sometimes he's able to look back and ask why we "needed" things a certain way. And sometimes he simply doesn't remember how deeply impacted he was. 


Hope you are doing well. 

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No, apparently nobody ever answered (as you see) until you did.  Thanks for replying.

The rule still seems to be broken.  In my experience it seems to be possible for the rules to change such that something that would formerly have broken them now does not break them if it happens again, but it seems that if they are broken they remain broken until the thing that broke them is resolved.  Sleeping seems to make no difference with the one that currently seems to be broken.  It just seems to be so much pain that it would take too long to explain how much pain, constantly, 24 hours a day.

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