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WB Band 18 IGG reactive


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So I have one child (14) having current issues with potentially PANS (have an appointment in January for an eval) however  another child (12) who for years has dealt with fatigue, pains in his body etc.  recently he had been feeling a lot more tired than usual, so we had a visit with his ped, he always has low vit d, dr did a check on that and also ran additional blood work, came back with igg for EBV (which he had mono a few years ago) and reactive for band 18 igg on a western blot for Lymes. Ped said lymes band that was reactive was probably a “fluke” and that without 5 out of 10 reactive it isn’t considered positive.  I’ve done some digging around online and it seems that some bands hold more weight than others since some are cross-reactive and not specific to lymes. From what I can tell band 18 is specific to lymes so I don’t think this could be a false positive. Any info it would be appreciated 

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