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Temporary Zoloft use - Helpful or Harmful?


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My daughters pediatrician suggested the use of Zoloft (at a low dose ) for a temporary time frame. She is 14 and dealing with a lot of anxiety and intrusive and racing thoughts. She isn’t diagnosed with pans but is being evaluated in January by a specialist. Would it be helpful or harmful (if she does have pans) to use Zoloft. 

I am thinking through it with my spouse and her (since she is old enough) but am windiest specifically about any implications - good or bad - that it can have on someone specifically with pans/pandas.

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Hi vg1119

If you do a search on this forum for Zoloft you will find quite a few threads and posts that discuss it related to Pans/Pandas

I know SSRIs seem to work well for some people, but our experience for my son (who was not dx Pandas but had Tourette tics and severe OCD so may have fallen into PANS category?) was not good - he was rx Luvox and it actually seemed to exacerbate the OCD and phobias while making his usually bright personality rather zombied.

But as I mentioned, I have seen some parents very thankful for improvements, so do use the search to get that info - pro and con

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