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Gluten Free - how long to see any changes

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I started a gluten free diet for my 7 year old daughter on July 11th to see if any changes in her tics.  I know it's only been 2.5 weeks and there unfortunately were 3 times within this timeframe that she did eat gluten as I wasn't around to stop it (camp, neighbours house etc).  I haven't seen any noticeable difference in her tics.  I paid extra close attention on the 3 occasions when she did eat gluten to see if there was an increase in tics within that 24-48 hour period and there wasn't.  How long did it take for those of you who tried GF to see any differences?  I want to try to do dairy next, but this will be extremely hard for her.    We're going on vacation in another 1.5 weeks and I suspect it will be hard to keep up with the GF diet at that time.  I'm trying to balance her happiness vs tics, the tics don't bother her (mainly facial grimace, throat clearing and a sniff) and she's been a champ with the GF experiment, but not sure how much of champ she'll be on vacation about it!

Would love to know your experiences on GF, if it worked, if it didn't, how long to see any noticeable changes.  


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Hello, silver77!

We have also been on a mostly GF (had a couple of slips during our vacation).  It’s been over a month, and I’m not sure I’ve seen any difference.  I am also considering going DF, but that will be a very big challenge.  We did see a big drop in tics during our vacation, so I hope you have a chance to just het out there and enjoy some fun and sun and not worry!

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I think it takes many weeks to get gluten and dairy out of your system. I can’t remember exact length, but I do think it’s longer than 2 weeks.  Hope you see some tic reduction soon. 

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