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New and need help...is this site still active?

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Deanit - some people who have tics might cause their skeletal areas to go "out" - this happened a fair bit with my son, and was concentrated around the neck area. He would then have more jerking tics there to try to alleviate it. It sounds similar to the neck cracking you describe?

We found tremendous benefit from having him treated by a NUCCA chiropractor - I don't know if you have them in your country http://www.nucca.org



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We just got back from the neurological appt specialist that I found in Belgium. He says it is now categorized as chronic tic disorder and will either away or we will meet with him in a year for the TS diagnosis. The whole thing was very disappointing on so many levels.  First, I was hoping he would just say (like my pediologist) that this is nothing. Don’t worry.  But he didn’t he called it out.  Secondly, the meeting was very short…a few questions, then his card and basically a “have a good day.”  Very little info…I mean all I know I’ve read on the internet.  He was very nonchalant about the whole thing.  “I’ve seen thousands of cases…and it will either go away, or it won’t.” Meanwhile my whole world is shattering beneath my feet.  I just don’t know how to feel or what to do.  Meanwhile, my son’s neck cracking has really ramped up in frequency, and I feel so lost.

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So sorry your appointment was not more helpful Deanit.

To be honest, most people who have passed through ACN Latitudes forums have had similar experience with Neurologists - sad but true - and another reason many switch to more holistic medical practitioners who can guide them with natural treatments for tics.

If you are able to get any magnesium cream, oil or lotion (or Epsom) try rubbing that into your son's neck. Even a warm solution of Epsom Salts applied via a facecloth can often help. We found it most beneficial.

Also do look into the NUCCA chiropractor - we avoided anyone who was not NUCCA certified as their methods are very gentle and different.

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