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I don’t know anymore

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So it’s been a while since I have been on. In February after coming home from my daughters Ivig treatment in San Antonio, I had been intermittent fasting , but also had my first appt with the neurologist there whom told me I was dealing with pans pandas too and Lyme just like my daughter and son.  First I started feeling dizzy went to er and they did a cat scan of neck and brain but all clear. Blood work normal. So when we got home I had been fighting a cold drinking tons of cistus tea. I noticed a little bump under arm and it’s all went downhill from there. Some of the issues I have from pans pandas is having anxiety related to thinking something is wrong. So I immiedialty went to doctor 2 days later in which the bump was gone as I had already thought I had lymphoma. My OB sent me for mammogram and ultrasound in which ultrasound of lymphnodes were normal but my mammogram was not . So a biopsy and blood work showed benigh tissue and normal blood work. Then I get even more paranoid thinking I need to see an ent. So seeing her they discovered I have 3 nodules on my enlarged thyroid but numbers looked fine. I also asked for ct of chest because I had started having these weird night sweats in which they occur more often during my cycle. Ct was clear. I ended up in er yesterday with stomach pain and ultrasound showed normal. 

I am all over the place some days feeling dizzy, tired, night sweats that come and go, weight gain. 

I haven’t been treated yet as I can only afford top priority first. Maybe it’s the rental we are staying in that has mold in windows as we finally will close on house Friday. My reg doctor says I’m fine, I am so scared I have cancer, or something else is wrong. I hate what pans pandas does to the mind.


also does anyone know if pans pandas in adults causes any night sweats, fatigue, weight gain, dizziness?? I workout everyday  hardcore lift weights, I’m just lost!! 

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