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Help for adult tics and autonomic neurpoathy

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Hi Everyone,

When I was a child I had tics for several years until the age of 10. They gradually reappeared around the age of 30 and have continued to worsen since then (around the same time my neurological symptoms of autonomic neuropathy began in earnest, including POTS, and have been worsening since then). I am now 47 - my symptoms have been around and on the increase for 17 years. My autonomic neuropathy symptoms have also gotten quite bad as well. I am barely able to work. The tics are debilitating. Mostly simple, though occasionally I do a small kick or shake of my arm because there is so much electrical impulse needing release, generally when there is more stress. My muscles ache and burn, I am concerned I am doing damage to the right side of body (the tics are exclusively on the right side of my body).

I have tried a variety of medications for the past two years with no real help. The best were propanalol, guanfacine, clonodine, but due to my POTS, my BP lowered on all of these and I was fainting and had to come off.

I am desperately searching for a medical provider who understands what I have written above, who knows about all of this. I need to be able to work more, and what's more, I want my life back. Any help or recommendations would be most welcome. Thank you so much.


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You may want to visit a functional neurologist. I had read that that this is most helpful when tics are predominantly on one side. (Take this with a grain of salt as I can no longer find where I read this.) I hope so much that you can find some improvement.

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