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My 4 year old granddaughter out of no where just stated having tics. On April 13, we started the elimination diet. We removed gluten, dairy, corn, soy, processed sugar, chemicals, artificial color and flavoring, preservatives. We are giving her supplements. So far the tics still exist. I am thinking of not waiting the 28 days to reintroduce a food one by one, since it doesn't seem to be a trigger. Help please with your advice. 

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Hello dutragirl

Sorry to hear of the development of tics for your granddaughter, but take heart, very often tics are transient in young children - or you may find another trigger that is causing them.

Before I make any further other comments or suggestions - I see you posted on our PANS/PANDAS forum rather than the TS/Tics forum, so I am wondering if you suspect an infection connection to the tics?

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Tics can also have an infectious origin. Does she have any other symptoms? Frequent urination, sleep problems, mood changes? If so it maybe good to check for an infection. If the source is an infection changing diet will not really help. But as others have said, it can take a while to see effects. And many kids have tics and often they just go away. 


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