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Hello everyone,

I am curious if anyone has experience with coprolalia? You can read our full story in my other posts, but last night my daughter's tics evolved to include swearing.  Her tics started 3 months ago and so far she has been diagnosed with "transient tic disorder".  Her tics are very severe and include complex motor and vocal tics and occur daily, every few seconds without any breaks.  I have read that coprolalia is actually pretty rare with TS, and I am trying to find out if anyone WITHOUT TS has had symptoms of coprolalia? Or is this an indicator that she does in fact have TS? I know the diagnosis criteria for TS, symptoms >12 months, etc. But I'm having a hard time finding anything about coprolalia in people without TS.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi NurseMom21   I hear your major concerns about your daughter and realize it must be very hard to deal with. You have my sympathies. 

Meanwhile, I would not focus on the 12 months for TS, or various tic criteria in general. Even researchers admit that the delineation between different categories of tics is pretty arbitrary, and there is ongoing discussion to change that approach.

I saw your recent post that said you are seeing a PANDAS neuropsychiatrist this coming week. That should be very helpful.  As I mentioned on that thread, please do let us know what you learn.  All the best, Sheila 



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