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Supplementing with Tyrosine & Citicoline - helping a lot

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DS 22 had his tonsils out in 2016 and had IVIG in June 2020 (prior IVIGs in 2011). He went off of antibiotics in October 2020 and had a speedy return of many PANDAS symptoms.  I wanted to share with you two things that have helped him the most - 

1.  After reading the Frontiers in Microbiology study of Gut Microbiota in Children Affected by PANDAS (https://bit.ly/39pPmxP), we asked the internist about supplementing with l-tyrosine (https://amzn.to/36k62oH). She agreed that we should try it.

2.  After reading the NIH study on Differential Bindings of Antibodies in PANDAS (https://bit.ly/3lmImnP), we asked the internist about supplementing with citicoline (https://amzn.to/39x2hON).  She agreed to this, as well.

When he takes tyrosine and citicoline daily, he functions at about the 93% level. It was a fast and amazing positive change that seems to be holding nearly a month in.  Hoping this info is of some benefit to others.

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That's so good that you are seeing that level of improvement :)

I did just want to mention that anyone who may  also have Tourette Syndrome should be a bit cautious of Tyrosine as, it aids in Dopamine synthesis, and Dopamine seems to markedly increase TS tics....

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