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PANS Testing and Bloodwork

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My son is 15 and has been sick with Neuropsychiatric symptoms and psychosis for two years. We have been to many doctors from pediatricians , neurologists, infectious disease to psychiatrist. His  psych meds are not working  and he has had numerous tests  and bloodwork done which have all come back normal.  Any advice on what tests or bloodwork can be done that focus on PANS  so he can be properly diagnosed and treated.

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Here a few:


ASO titers     https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?contenttypeid=167&contentid=strep_aso_titer_blood


Cunnigham panel   moleculeralabs.com/cunningham-panel-pandas-pans-testing/


CRP for inflammation markers:  https://medlineplus.gov/lab-tests/c-reactive-protein-crp-test/


And diagnostic critera:




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The only test that showed up abnormal for my child was Streptoccocus Pneumoniae. Have you tried to see a specialist in PANDAS/PANS? He/she may know better how to interpret the blood work in light of the symptoms. I wish you the best of luck for your son. God Bless.

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My son completed another round of tests showing Mycoplasma IGg positve but the doctors tell me this is insignificant.  After all the other  tests showing normal, the doctors think he has Seronegative Autoimmune Encephalitis. Although they advised me this was not a diagnosis, I am stlll waiting on some sort of treatment plan.   There is not much information I can research, anyone familiar with this?

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