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Additional advice: new transient tics

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My 4.5 year old son has suddenly developed tics. We dont have any family history as far as I know, and it is breaking my heart. It first started with nose itching and now that is gone and he either claps or runs around and claps. We have seen numerous neurologists and the diagnosis has been the same- transient tics. We had an EEG done and it was normal. The only advice I got from most is to wait and see. That is not my style. I have started reading the book on how to deal with tics in a natural way, started a 1 month electronics fast and now working on reducing sugar. My friend, who is a pediatric neurologist also recommended giving him adult dose of fish oil, zinc supplement, iron supplement and magnesium. I bought a gluten free, sugar free magnesium supplement but it is making his stool runny. Would appreciate any advice you have on magnesium supplements and overall insights.

Also, we started him on a course of homeopathic medicine, about a month prior to tics, I was wondering if that is somehow was a trigger or tics could be a side effect of the medcine?

Thank you,

Restless mama.

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Hi there

Welcome to the forum

What type of magnesium supplement? Some forms eg magnesium citrate can have a laxative effect. Also what dose is he getting?

Magnesium taurate is generally well tolerated, and we found Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) baths to be an excellent tic calmer (2 cups Epsom Salts in tub of warm water, soak 15-20 min)

My son always ticced more on iron so we rather got his iron in via foods rather than supplements.

Chelated zinc is also best from our experience.

I have a link in my profile about me section on what we used over the years to help my son.

Do also take a look at the main website for more info, as often finding what is actually triggering the tics is the biggest step to calming them! https://latitudes.org

Here's the book se on finding what may trigger the tics  https://latitudes.org/store/tourette-syndrome-triggers-book/

I am guessing the other book you refer to is https://latitudes.org/store/natural-treatments-for-tics-and-tourette-syndrome-book/


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Thank you, yes it is a magnesium citrate supplement with 100 mg of magnesium citrate per gummy.  Awesome suggestion on the baths!  I am going to read your suggestions.


From what I have observed, he tics more on sugar and boredom. He doesnt do it at all when he is engaged and stay tic free for hours.



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Also, we have done an electronics fast for a month now. Not sure if it has made his tics any better but definitely have seen an huge improvement in his engagement level and also cognitive skills. Any advice on how to bring electronics back or just continue to stay away as long as possible? 

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Gradual is best - ie short exposure each day and see reaction to each device.

We found using daylight lamps essential, especially with TV and computer/video games that have any flashing.

You can get daylight light bulbs at Home Depot etc to use in standard lamps, and there are also more expensive specialized lamps.

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