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magnesium supplements without suagr

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We are based in India and my daughter was 4 years when her tics first appeared. At that time as parents we were really worried, but upon reading the stories of other families in the book 'Natural Treatments for Tics & Tourette's' we followed and avoided cheese and all products containing sugar or its derivatives. We even stopped multivitamin syrups as it contained fructose. Soon our daughter was tic free, and whenever any sugary food was introduced in her diet for more than five days continuously, the tics appeared again. Her tics were of blinking of the eyes, shoulder and neck shrugging. Upon stopping the sugary foods and cheese it would take atleast a couple of weeks for the tics to disappear. During time of her tics she could get very angry. She was not reacting negatively to milk or wheat, so we did not stop them. We avoided the problem foods and she was fine.

But towards the end of April 2020, she is eight years now, her tics appeared again and they are more troublesome as these are of hands, legs and bangs the back of her head while lying down on the bed. We had given her mangoes for a couple of weeks, and upon realizing it has high sugar content we stopped it. Also through the months of April and May she had online school at home due to the corona virus lockdown. We noticed she was ticking a lot when in front of the computer. 

Now it is the end of June, we do not let her watch much TV but the same tics are still there. We have stopped milk & wheat too since two weeks, but not much difference. We have noted that she tics more at lunch and dinner time and post that. After dinner if she watches TV for even 10 minutes she tics a lot and cannot sit in one place and has to run around or jump for 5 to 10 minutes. Otherwise through the day she tics only a few times. This is the longest period with tics for her, and her hand banging is dangerous and has us worried.

I was reading the book and online posts that multi-vitamins, magnesium supplements and probiotics help a lot. But I am finding it difficult to find them for children without fructose or other forms of added sugar.

Would really appreciate any advice on this.



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Welcome to the forum KSan

As your daughter is now 8yo. you may be able to give her smaller doses of regular supplements that don't contain sugar, or other bad fillers?

There are companies here in the USA that make sugar free pure supplements and many of those are also available from the companies' websites or on Amazon, iHerb.com and others

A good way to increase magnesium is Epsom Salts(Magnesium Sulfate)  baths - we use 2 cups in a tub of warm water with a 15-20 minute soak.

Plain Kefir and high quality yoghurts are excellent natural probiotics.

Sheila Rogers has another book you may find helpful as well now that you have her Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette - it is  "Stop Your Tics By Learning What Triggers Them"

There is also a lot of very good information on the main website here: https://latitudes.org/

I hope this helps a bit. Please let us know how things are going.


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