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Books that really help.....

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I just wanted to share some books that really helped my child on their journey with PANS.

These were sooo helpful in addressing behaviors:

"What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck, a Kid's Guide to Overcoming OCD," by Dawn Huebner. 

"The OCD Workbook for Kids," by Anthony Puliafico

"What to Do When You Dread Your Bed," by Dawn Heubner (This seemed to work miraculously)

"What to Do When Your Temper Flares" by Dawn Heubner


These were very helpful in gaining awareness about what PANDAS/PANS really is:

"PANS/PANDAS Strength-Hope-Understanding," by Suzanne Gushansky (for the child)

"A Parents' Guide to PANDAS, PANS, and Related Neuroimmune Disorders," by Doran et al

"Childhood Interrupted; a Complete Guide to PANDAS and PANS," by Beth Maloney * very informative

"Pans, Cans, and Automobiles," By Jamie Candelaria Greene


I hope these can help your family.

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