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Stomach Infection Caused by Strep

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A little backstory: I have PANDAS. I had my tonsils removed at the age of 5 years old, but by the time I was 7, I had strep throat left and right. However, it wasn't until my early twenties, that I discovered that I had PANDAS, and that was what had triggered my OCD and trich as a child. For the most part, as I was growing up after that initial onset of chronic strep infections, they ceased, except for an occasional case here and there. However, back in December, I had both strep throat and the flu at the same time.

In March of this year, I developed some sinus problems. I was also having stomach pain and nausea, continuously, on a daily basis. After repeated trips to my doctor, I suggested they test for strep, despite not having a sore or even remotely irritated throat. I did indeed have strep. I have no idea how long I had it before that, as my throat didn't indicate that that was the case. When I was about two or three days into the antibiotics, my stomach felt better. The pain was gone, as well as the nausea. A few days after being off the antibiotics, the stomach pain and nausea returned, as well as other gastrointestinal problems. Since then (mid-April), the problems have intensified and now I am extremely fatigued all the time, and constantly in pain.

My doctor retested for strep, and it came back negative. Has anyone here had experience with stomach infections caused by strep bacteria entering the stomach? I was wondering if perhaps the strep test came back negative since it might have been cleared from my throat but not my stomach.

I have no history of stomach or g.i. problems of any sort. During these past couple of months, I have had a CT scan, two h. pylori tests, and various labs drawn. So far, everything has come back normal. Any advice or thoughts about the matter would be much appreciated! 

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