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Hi tropea22 - When I was younger i had blue tinted glasses, Lights, screens, paper, etc. I found it to be very helpful for my Tourette’s because the color was so soothing for my eyes. After that I went 15 years without it and am just now getting back into using a blue tint. I’ve noticed it calms me and my tics I nstantly.

ive noticed with tics that we are so sensitive to not only our diet, but every other one of our senses as well. For me loud noises trigger me, bright lights esp white, too much screen time and even watching tv will trigger me, my emotional state, different textures of clothes and foods, strong smells whether I like the scent or not, white paper. The list goes on lol, but I would highly suggest the tinted lenses as well as the colored screen protector that your child could put on top of books, the computer screen, etc. 

ive read that both blue and green are soothing colors for people with Tourette’s. For me personally, green doesn’t do much. I have always reacted the best to blue.

i hope this helps!

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