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Does chlorine affect your PANDAS child?

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Just curious how many of our PANDAS kids are affected by swimming in chlorinated pools. 

Last year when my son was at his worst (we didn’t yet know what was going on) we noticed a dramatic worsening of his tics as soon as he started swimming. We then didn’t try having him swim again until this weekend, 7 months after that last time (he has since been treated for his PANDAS with antibiotics). We were terrified his tics would start again, but this time, thankfully, there was no negative effect. 

With camp around the corner, I do worry about him swimming every day, though. I asked the camp to have him shower both before and after he swims, just in case. 

So I’m curious how many of us have PANDAS kids affected by chlorine. Please also include information about where your child is in their recovery. 

Thank you!

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My son has TS and chlorine was a very major tic trigger for him.

It's a relief your child didn't seem to have a reaction to this recent swim.

Asking the camp to allow to shower at least directly after a swim in chlorinated water sounds like a very good idea!

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Oh wow, life suddenly makes much more sense me. I’m 25 now- diagnosed with PANDAS at 7 (was part of one the first studies in Boston) but I always used to have issues in the summer. I LOVED swimming but was always confused by my own behavior. I’d be a fairly social kid most of the time but was struck harder with my OCD, antisocial, severe anxiety symptoms (not all of them but I wonder if chlorine was a trigger for these more than others) during the summers. 

If it’s any consolation, now I swim at the Y (heavily chlorinated haha) and often feel extremely calm after (I think just the mindfulness for swimming) so I think maybe chlorine makes it worse when the immune system is already freaking out or less developed (childhood, antibiotics). I still get PANDAS symptoms and am trying to work on finding triggers but chlorine isn’t one anymore. But thank you for helping me connect some more of the dots!

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