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Genetic Associations for PANDAS and PANS

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Cross-post: I have completed a final phase of analysis of 23andMe and AncestryDNA data contributed by parents of kids with PANS or PANDAS, and found 5 SNPs statistically significant in these disorders:

SNP _______ risk _ Odds Ratio
rs10493812 __ A ___ 9.13
rs115521555 _ T ___ 9.33
rs6896998 ___ T ___ 8.42
rs5029936 ___ A ___ 9.06
rs76298532 __ T ___ 17.0

You can read and download the brief report at https://osf.io/53yve/ . There is also a spreadsheet with more details at https://osf.io/br2kh/ (that is best viewed in excel after downloading).

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I just finished another study, checking whether the risk alleles of SNPS for elevated uric acid occur more commonly in PANDAS and PANS.
It looks like the answer is no. The report I did is here: https://osf.io/35sx6/
This idea to check out uric acid genetics came from a P/P mom. I think it was a great idea, that is why I spent a lot of time getting that "no" answer. If anyone else has any good ideas, let me know! I am motivated to make use of this data.
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