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School overnight outdoor camp?

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My son’s class will be going on a 2-night outdoor education camp this year during the school week. All the kids are very excited. 

BUT!  I am already so stressed and worried. My son is GF and DF as it keeps his tics very subtle. I’m sure the camp could accommodate GF at least, but my son just wants to eat the food like everyone else. there will be options as it’s buffet style. 
My husband is going as one of the chaperones.

2 nights is a long time. I’m so worried his tics will flare and become more apparent. He has a blinking tic mostly and if too much bad food has bouts of a “huh” breath. 

I’m literally losing sleep over this. 😢 he will have this 2 night overnight this year at school and then again next year too. 

I am so worried!!!😢😢😢


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I wouldn't lose sleep over this, though I understand your anxiety over it. Hopefully having his dad around will help keep things under control (great he is going)! Maybe Dad can privately help  give some guidance on the food choices. 

If he had severe allergies it would be one thing--then strict adherence would be critical--but that doesn't seem to be the case, right? You know best what it takes in the way of certain foods to tip the scales and increase tics. If if he does go off script and has an increase in blinking it could be a learning experience and he can get back on track once home. It's always a balancing act between issues like this and self esteem/having fun. With my son, he learned that if he was at a party he could take something like a soda,  which he knew increased tics, and only have a sip or two, then ditch the rest. When is the camp?  

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MLee I do want to try to encourage you not to worry, even though I so understand your concerns.

I had to let go of so much stressful over protection for my son when he was still in those pre-teen extremely severe tics. Yes, there were times he would be exposed to a tic trigger and we had setbacks, but with continued diligence things always stabilized again. He soon learned for himself the consequences of things that triggered him, and became more careful of his own accord to take his supplements and avoid the triggers.

The most liberating thing for him and for me was when he openly let his teachers and classmates know he had TS and what that involved, and they understood and accepted him even more, just the way he was! He still suppressed/masked a lot of his tics as he has always had ability to do that (helped by CBT) but he also knew he could release, and not feel stress to do so.

Your son will only have his youth once....I would suggest to let him feel the liberation of just enjoying this camp. Your husband being there is an extra reassurance for you as well.

I am honestly not dismissing your concerns...just speaking from our experience as to how often I allowed mine to get in the way of my son just being himself.....and more often than not, my worries were worthless and just caused us both stress (which in turn made his tics worse!)

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