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Inositol use for various anxiety and emetophobia


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My daughter vomited for the first time in her adolescent life and caused mental anxiety about eating, fear of vomiting, social anxiety, anxiety going far from home and the anxiety also bring on daily headache, lightheadedness and chest tightness. She didn't have any anxiety prior to the vomiting. After she vomited, it was like a domino affect. Tried medications but she was sensitive to the side effects. Started 4 weeks ago with supplements,  Vit D3, fish oil, probiotic, a multi with magnesium and other minerals. Wondering if Inositol would help with anxiety that was induced by the fear of vomiting.  

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My daughter had a very sudden onset of emetiphobia, I think she was about 11 at the time. She was already an extremely anxious child, though not about throwing up. She had actually never vomited in her life, and one day she jumped out of a moving car convinced she was going to get car sick, which of course she never did, and still hasn't to this day. Her anxiety about vomiting then consumed her, she wouldn't get in a car, thought everything was going to make her get sick, she restricted her eating, didn't want to be around kids in case they had a stomach bug, etc. She had to wear those "Sea-bands' everywhere she went. She was already on an SSRI for anxiety, and in talk therapy, and she was not responding to either. We had her psych tested, and all that came out of it was that she had debilitating emetiphobia and anxiety.

It was during the consult with yet another psych to treat to the emetiphobia that the practitioner said he didn't think she had emetiphobia, he thought she had PANS. We pursued it and she started treatment - and her emetiphobia went away. I think - in my untrained, only know what I know from living this - addressing the inflammation was what helped. She did two rounds of long term antibiotics, we learned that she was allergic to EVERYTHING and started allergy shots and flonase sensi-mist nose spray, and she takes a product called Enhansa - it's a curcumin product for inflammation - which had a very noticeable effect for her.

She takes a bunch of other supplements in addition to the Enhansa and nose spray - Lithium for anxiety, methyl assist, CBD oil, vitamin D, magnesium citrate, a cortisol support,  and a probiotic. But I think it was getting the allergies detected and treated, and the Enhansa that were, and continue to be, the most critical. When she has a PANS flare, usually from an illness - she responds beautifully to the anti-inflammatory Naproxen (aleve) - and the symptoms and heightened anxiety, subside very quickly.

So maybe there is some inflammation brewing in your daughter, and your practitioner could sleuth it out - infection? allergies?  For us, I really think the key for helping the emetiphobia - and her anxiety in general - was reducing the inflammation.



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Hi Prestopony, 

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me if my DD symptoms sounds like PAN/PANDA? 

My DD emetophobia started when she first saw me vomit on the plane while on vacation. Her symptoms were afraid to eat and to get on the plane. The fear of eating subsided over the next 6 months and she was pretty much back to normal. Until she vomited the first time in her life recently, everything changed. She was afraid to eat, to the point just a few bites of crackers. She also had trouble getting into the car, going to places, going far from home, worry about getting sick, any body minor discomfort. She also started having daily physical anxiety, chest pain/tightness, headache, dizziness. Symptoms are worse when eating, going out. She was doing home hospital school for 3 months. 

We have a naturopath, so she did NAET to desensitize her various fearful emotions and it calmed her down some but still have a lot of mental and physical anxiety. Ran blood tests, and found some vitamin deficiencies. Also did the DNase and ASO titer and came back negative. Never had strep. Tried 2 medications and stopped due to side effects. Trying medication again because mental and physical anxiety is too hard to deal with while away for college. 

Currently, I am giving her vitD and fish oil. Thinking about adding curcumin. 

Did your DD's various supplements interfere with SSRI? 

Thanks for your help. I wish I can find a doctor who knows about PAN/PANDA. 




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