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Long time gone, back to touch base and talk CBD

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Hi everyone, haven't posted since 2015

Well, as it turns out, I did end up with two Pans boys.  I went into denial about the second one but it became evident the second one was showing behaviors that were not neurotypical.  His flareup when he got sick included "spells" in which things got bigger and things got smaller and he was in terror.  Not fun.  Then there were hours of animal noises.  Anyway... 

My older boy is 19 now and is coping by himself, thanks to his friendship with a healer.  HIs tics are still bad alas.  But he is high functioning and is somewhat of a starseed, so I appreciate that.  He is on CBD, a little marijuana to reduce stress, and generally avoids doctors and harmaceuticals.  That's my boy!  He works as a nanny and is taking classes in early childhood development.  Those who know my son's history know this has been quite a journey and I know all of you have had your share of journeys on this front!  This boy also has a genetic disorder that is another strike against him.  We knew this since birth but underplayed it and didn't even tell him for the longest time because he had enough strikes against him.  He handled it well but despite living at home, he is going through an anti-family phase.  He would like more friends and a girl friend.  He is active in the anti=vax movement in NY which has imposed mandatory vaccinations for all.  He plays drums.

My younger son is 13, does not have a genetic condition, is adopted from another country,  but it took a rather unorthodox treatment to have him come to me and say his rages were done.  I am going through divorce so I have not seen him much lately as I don't live in the same city but he does seem calmer.  I would like him to get CBD as well.  If you would like to know about the unorthodox treatment, I have done it myself and removed a tumor from my kidney.  DUCKDUCKGO Dr. Jennifer Daniels for more information.  My son plays guitar and is a budding baseball star.  His schoolwork is average because it's boring to him.  

I have just completed work on a hemp farm where we grew product that is being made into oils.  Organic, pure.  Please feel free to ask me questions about it.  It is hard at an advancing age (I feel great though) to start a new life.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our kids and us, the parents.  



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Hey! I am in NY as well and struggling with the mandatory vaccine issue!  Unbelievable what our corrupt legislators can do.  No way to get to school for many I know, including kids that would normally qualify for medical exemptions like seizure disorders and organ transplants!!    Oh, and check out bill A99 in NYS senate mentioning detention centers for people with communicable diseases......(this has already PASSED in California....)

Anybody in a different state OPPOSE  these bills strongly in your state!  They are insane.

About Dr. Jennifer Daniels, would it really not come up on google?!  I know about censorship but cant believe it!  Seems we are living in some communistic country now ;(

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