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Is this brain reaction after stopping antibiotics? Please help!!!

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Dear all,

My DS 16 has been on combined antibiotics for two years. His Lyme lab result always is negative (Only IgG P41 and IgG P39 “Present Abnormal”) but Bartonella is active.

Since his condition seemed stable, I started to reduce the dose slowly for Rifampin and Azithromycin at beginning of July. A month later, he was completely out of antibiotics. His overall symptoms (rage, OCD, anxiety) seemed similar (not worse) than before stopping antibiotics.

However, an odd behavior started a few days later when began to reduce dose of Rifampin. He took his shirt off and threw to the toilet.(the first day with this behavior also the first dose of 5 HTP due his difficulty to sleep. But he only took it for two days).  When continued to the less dose of antibiotics and until was completely out, the disrobing became worse and worse and much more frequently. He gradually also took pants, underwear and shoes off. He did this at home only at beginning but later at school. Today, after he is stopping all antibiotics for two months, he even did this at a restroom in a park.

He seemed desperately want to off from his clothes and lifted his arms to pretend flying. He even did this in my car. He also unfastened seat belt constantly and tried to open the door when I was driving on the freeway. At home, he insisted to take all clothes off although I asked him to put back on again and again. He took off in only one second when I turned to get something. He threw all clothes into water (toilet or sink) once he took off. He even threw CDs into the toilet and flushed. I’m really overwhelming and getting crazy because I have no ability to control this since he is taller and stronger than me… Even worse, he is unable to explain why he does this with limited language due his autism.

Has anyone experienced similar situation after stopping antibiotics? I don’t think 5 HTP caused it although it happened on the first day, he took this supplement. He did 5 HTP when was younger (at age 12—13) without problems.

Is it a reaction from brain after completely off from antibiotics?

Any tips/advices will be greatly appreciated!

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My DS now 15 had very similar symptoms about 2-3 years ago.  When his OCD was triggered, he would need to get completely undressed (even in public).  This was the only thing that would cleanse his intrusive thought.  He said that the compulsion was so strong, it didn’t compare to the embarrassment of being naked in public. He was triggered so often that he stayed naked at home 90% of the day.  He also had tried to get out of a moving car when his OCD was triggered.  Antibiotics had worked beautifully for a month, but MD wouldn’t prescribe that dose for any longer, and he regressed on lower dose.  Ultimately a PANS specialist determined DS was experiencing encephalopathy which was triggered by Miralax.  He has been receiving monthly HD IVIG for almost 2 years.  His OCD is 80% gone. 

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