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After 6 months of taking out gluten, dairy, corn, soy and all preservatives, artificial anything- my son still has pretty pronounced tics.  I am hoping to hear from anyone who has successfully helped their child with food allergy testing and then removing that food.  It just became too much of a guessing game and drove me and my son crazy trying to figure it out, especially when other people don't think about what they feed him.


We also worked hard at healing his gut during this time with herbs for SIBO and yeast and probiotics. 


Thank you

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Hi there, I am interested in this type of testing for my 5 year old daughter (food/environmental testing).  I just read Sheila's book last night and so many of the examples sound JUST like my daughter. History of asthma, allergies, etc.  Are there any recommendations for environmental physicians in Michigan?  Thank you so much!  

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Hi -- I'm glad you could see some connections with your daughter and some of the symptoms/conditions from the book. I hope the reference below can be helpful to your family. As in any situation, medical needs are unique to the individual and I can't predict if this will be a match for you. Wishing you the best! Sheila 

This doctor is active in the field of environmental medicine. (They are few and far between). I believe he is near Flint. i did not see a website for him. 

Gerald D. Natzke, D.O., FAAEM, DABEM

9475 Holly Rd Ste 205
Grand Blanc , MI 48439
Tel: (810) 344.4567

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Hi there. I also have an almost three year old son with tics. He has a history of milk soy protein intolerance as a baby, he gets croup every time he is sick, and we suspect asthma and allergies. We tested him with skin pricks last year at the age of two and his histamine was high but nothing else was positive. 

he started with eye blinking last April. It lasted a month and we were told it was a tic. It came after an ear infection. After it went away for six months it came back after another croup illness last October. Went away for a few months and now it came back with a vengeance. It’s hard repetitive blinking all day long. 

we are dairy free. He’s on magnesium threonate. Multivitamins. Probiotic. Any other suggestions? I am feeling so helpless watching my almost three year old struggle. And the gaps between the episodes have me so sad. He eats very well. We avoid processed foods and dyes. 

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