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Our 9 year old son has dealt with tics since he was 6 years old. So far they have been minor, barely noticeable and at times completely gone. Within the last 4 weeks, he started to mumble and upon closer questioning he said that it was swear words. He is extremely healthy, has been on abx maybe twice in his life, has always eaten organic (has never been to McDonald's) and is rarely sick. He has not shown any signs of ADHS or OCD. He has a large group of friends and has always been well-rounded and well-mannered. No allergies. My question is: Have any of you experienced waxing and waning of vocal tics with swearing? Simultaneously, he also has a walk tic that makes him stop and go. It is almost impossibly for him to simply walk. We are heartbroken. We have lined up appointments with a therapist, psychiatrist and neurologist, but they are still weeks away. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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I do understand how you are feeling as my son went through a bout of coprolalia (cussing/swearing) tics when he was 10 and it was hard for him as well as for us (he does have a Tourette diagnosis, genetic from his Dad's side) Coprolalia is recognized as a vocal tic in Tourette Syndrome.

All TS tics are involuntary, so that makes the struggle when dealing with "socially unacceptable" tics even harder, especially as often having people notice or comment makes the tic even harder to suppress. My son had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and that really helped as he was able to learn ways to substitute words or say the bad ones under his breath. A good CBT therapist can really help tremendously...but it was our experience that it's best to have someone who understand TS

He is 30 now and living a productive life so please know there is hope, even after the multitude of assorted tics that have waxed and waned over the years. Things were at their worst for him when neurologists and psychiatrist put him on those very strong prescription drugs, so just do be informed before you accept prescriptions from the  doctors etc you are planning to see. I know not everyone reacts negatively to the meds, but when they do, it can be long lasting and very seriously detrimental.

We found tremendous help by addressing his diet, environment, allergies etc and supplementing with nutrients he needed. We also used a number of other alternative treatments that made a very positive impact. I have an old thread that gives some info on what we did to help him


I would also encourage you to look at the section on the ACN/Latitudes website on TS tics https://latitudes.org/conditions/what-is-tourette-syndrome/ 

Also the very helpful resource books by Sheila Rogers on natural treatments for tics/Tourette and learning what triggers tics



I hope this helps a bit, and that you will be encouraged in knowing things can get better and there is much reason  for hope!




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Dear Chemar:

Many thanks for your reply. You mention that your son had a bout of swearing tics when he was 10. Could you please let me know if these tics went away? We are very concerned that his mumbling tic will change into something else. We don't have any genetic history and our son has no other sensitivities, which makes it so hard to understand why we are dealing with this sudden onset. 

Your input means a lot to us since we are so distraught right now and afraid of the things that might come. 


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Yes, the coprolalia did ease off with a combination of CBT and the other remedies/treatments we were using.

Something has likely triggered these tics, and yes, it will take a lot of "detective work" on your part to determine why....but it is so very worth it.

Our experience with mainstream doctors was they just give medications to stop the symptoms rather than trying to heal the underlying causes. An integrative doctor is often the best choice as they are fully qualified MDs who also have studied more alternative/holistic/natural methods of treatment.

I really encourage you to take heart and not be afraid as your attitude toward all this can have an effect on your son. You need to be his safe place where he can find calm reassurance. I know that is very very hard, as we parents want to immediately fix anything "wrong" for our child. But please know things can and will get better ♥

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