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Tics After Neck Injury & Antibiotics

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On 8/9/2019 at 9:26 PM, Cristo-Krista said:

My son started w tics after an injury to the neck and head and then antibiotics.  Then after each time he had antibiotics for small things, he had head tics.  The last time it was nonstop movements after antibiotics. Every second or four seconds.   It’s so sad.  I don’t know what to do either.  

Have you done any probiotic treatment? Or tested for Candida albicans "yeast" overgrowth in the gut?

I am not suggesting it will fully resolve your son's tics, but when we take antibiotics, they kill off all the "good" bacteria too and that can often create a favorable environment for Candida, which does cause tics in some people.

Also, have you had your child evaluated by a NUCCA or Atlas Orthogonal chiro since the neck injury. They specialize in neck injuries and I do know of tics that have resolved after readjustment. Please note these are not regular chiros but highly specialized for cervical vertabrae readjustment of the neck.

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He did probiotics boulardii and started having a snorting tic right after taking it.  Like within half an hour.  He doesn’t have snorting tics so this was new.  I stopped the probiotic the next day and he didn’t snort.  I put him on it later on and he did it within half an hour.  So I stopped.  Bio k seems ok as long as it’s just a little but otherwise his head tics increase. Kefir also brings them out more. Bifobactetium lactis is in a cereal that I give my twin babies and I give it to him sometimes and it seems to help him too but he doesn’t want it because it’s for the little ones.  


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If he is reactive to probiotics, best just stay away from them or maybe try them in fermented foods if he likes that? It really sounds like perhaps the antibiotics have done a number on his system and left him hypersensitive.

I would consult the physician who has been treating his neck injury regarding the NUCCA or Atlas Orthagonal as it depends on what was injured in his neck as to what treatment is most beneficial.

I am wondering if perhaps you would mind if I split your posts off here onto a separate thread, so that we can keep this thread for Sunflower's questions ?

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