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New and heartbroken , can anyone talk to me?

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Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I’m a mum in the uk to a 9 year old who’s been ticcing since she was 5. They do wax and wane like everyone says but I can hand on heart say that we saw the least amount of tics once we removed certain things from her diet (mainly gluten but also eggs and refined sugar) so I do think the answer in helping our kids lies within identifying triggers. She’s not 100% tic free (and I don’t think she ever will be) but I’ll take a reduction any day. 

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Thank you for adding your feedback, ahmoy44. And it's good to know you had positive results with adjusting diet related to gluten, eggs and refined sugar.

It's always helpful for members to receive encouragement on how lifestyle changes can help some people so they can try for themselves.  

How are things going, Sunflower78?  Please let us know if there is any specific info we can provide that might be useful.  

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Thank you guys for responding!!!

Daniel is doing so much better than when all this started. I did some detoxing, a bit of diet change and added many supplements I saw mentioned on here. 


He is down to only one tic ( throat clearing) and does that only a few times a day. Nobody would ever guess he is ticcing unless they know

I am so grateful for the amount of support and information on here. I know I am not alone.

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