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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Has anyone had any success with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? When I took my daughter to her Neuro she recommended this rather then medication but I am having trouble finding someone who specializes in my area..........My daughter is 10 and has motor tics, ( I think Pandas) mostly eyes rolling up and she also has anxiety.

Any info would be great......

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hi hermom


yes, my son had CBT some years back to help him with his OCD/anxiety/phobias and we were very pleased with the results, especially as the therapist provided him with the tools of training to now help himself


I cant stress enough tho how important it is for your to FIRST interview the therapist yourself to be sure that this is a kind and compassionate person. CBT is just what it suggests.....it helps people to understand and work through their actions/emotions etc ...in the care of a therapist who has the right attitude, this is by far one of the best treatments ...but if a therapist is domineering or impatient or lacking in deep compassion then it can be traumatic.


I have a useful sites/info sticky on the OCD forum here that has info on CBT





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