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Hi all,

So my name is Martin, I’m 28 and dealing with TS-like symptoms. 

I wanted to share my specific story as sometimes it feels a bit different from the usual story so am wondering if this sounds ‘normal’ or a strange onset and experience.

For me I never had any tics or anything at all when I was young. According to my Mom I did do this lick-lipping thing for a few months but that stopped completely (not even sure if that was a tic). Anyway nothing at all until I move to London, UK (I was born in Canada) - got into a serious relationship, left everything behind, and for the first time in my life had a lot of intense responsibility on me, including deep psychologically effecting meditation practices. 6 months into my time in London my eyes felt heavy, this developed to eye blinking, and then over the years has shifted to a million different tics. Lots of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, difficulty concentrating, 24/7 feeling restless and agitated, and also super hyper sensitive, anything at all from screens to socializing to transport in a vehicle all just aggravates so much.

it just sort of feels like my whole nervous system cannot cope with modern life at all. The only time I feel better is when I dance or do creative things, get into nature, or take clonazepam (lol).

The thing is it’s been getting more challenging day by day so it doesn’t ever feel like it has just plateaued. I also wanted to mention my Dad has tics and all, but he had it from childhood.

Most people I speak to with TS seem like they’re able to just coexist okay enough and aren’t too immobilized by their symptoms, whereas I feel the complete opposite. Even reading hurts!

It all just felt so sudden and intense and snowballing. Does this sound normal?

I’m currently trying CBIT and am looking into Western meds, as I’ve tried some natural methods and they have not helped at all and it’s felt crisis-level these last few weeks.

any thoughts? Leads? Similar experiences?





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Hi Martin

It does sound like something is triggering these reactions you are having. The fact that your Dad has had tics since childhood means you may have a genetic predisposition.

Can you recall possibly having any form of illness or infection before all this started so suddenly?

I know you mentioned moving to the UK, so obviously there would have been many changes in environment, diet etc...all of which can be triggers.

Sheila has written a very helpful book on tic triggers https://latitudes.org/store/tourette-syndrome-triggers-book/

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No, no illness really. Though I did travel to Nepal the Summer before and get a little bit of a stomach sickness, but that was maybe 6-8 months prior.

I’ve moved back to Canada now as I didn’t feel I was getting the support I needed in London, but things seem to still just be getting progressively worse. I don’t know why. I’m trying to watch my diet, etc. And am in CBIT therapy and attempting medications now.

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