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Hey all.

Like many I notice my symptoms get aggravated when using electronics and specifically looking at screens (phone, tv, etc.).

Sooo, this is has kind of had me avoiding watching TV or films much at all (which I miss so much, as a trained actor!!).

I’m wondering if there is a loop hole here. What about buying a projector for home and playing films off DVD format on a blank wall? I think maybe a passive image on a wall might be a lot less visually stimulating than screens. Does anyone have an experience with this or any knowledge or leads?

Any other loop holes or advice on how to watch films etc. with minimal visual irritation would be sooooo amazing.

Martin (28 year old male, TS experiences)

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Hi Martin

My son found it was much improved when he used a daylight lamp  to watch TV, play video games etc. rather than a darkened room. The degree of "flash" coming from the screen seemed to impact.his tics most. Going to the cinema was worst in triggering his tics.

Most modern TVs and computer monitors seem improved, being digital rather than analog

Blue light blocking glasses can also be helpful for mobile devices and computer screens

If you do a search here for "screens and tics" it should bring up a lot of info that others have experienced.

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