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I would highly recommend an integrative MD...someone open to unconventional treatment but able to prescribe pharmaceuticals when needed. My DS’s doctor is an integrative psychiatrist who specializes in Lyme (although DS does not have Lyme). We also had luck with an integrative pediatrician.  Had some improvement with antibiotics, anti fungals (herbal and RX), but most dramatic improvement with IVIG.  DS has been receiving weekly then monthly IVIG for 18 months now. Yes, it was the Cunningham Panel that I believe got the IVIG covered.  

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I sent details to your email, but the integrative doctors that I recommend are Donald Raden MD in Highwood, Illinois and Anju Usman MD in Naperville, Illinois. 

The IVIG has worked like magic.  His OCD symptoms were so severe his former psychiatrist said he was Schizophrenic.  He also had tics.  Since IVIG, his OCD is 80-90% gone and tics are gone.  

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