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Popping joints, poor muscle tone

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I've tried to research this in Google, then here. There are hundreds of references where people comment on popping joints as a tic, and a bunch of references where it is creaking and pain in joints.

I've noticed that even those I have been basically strong my whole life, I have very poor muscle tone. I've snapped hamstrings from over exerting.

Now, my daughter, is constanting popping her joints. Not so much her knuckles, but like her shoulder. She can roll her shoulder and it will pop and snap dozens of times, over and over. And it hurts. I've come to believe that is due to poor muscle tone, which might be related to poor nutrition.

Has anyone run into this, come up with a  solution? My daughter recently quit gymnastics, and I think it has gotten worse, but it was an issue even when she was exercising regularly.

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Did you see the "oddball symptoms" thread a bit further down this forum?  That talks about that.  A lot of people seem to suspect a connection.  I'll also point out that low muscle tone and general double-jointedness seems to be very common in people with Asperger's syndrome as well, although I'm not sure if it usually goes as far as that shoulder-snapping thing you described.  Of course, Asperger's isn't at all the same thing as PANS, but they do go together disproportionately often, so a correlation in one would mean some amount of correlation in the other too, if you see what I mean.

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