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Tics getting worse, and I'm almost 25

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Hello "ACN Latitudes" members, my name is Ryan and I've had Tourette's since around 8 or 9 years old. I turn 25 years old on April 7th and have been on so so SO many medications over the years that I can't count them on both hands and both feet. I've been on Fluphenazine (I don't know the non-generic name) for over 9 years. It is an antipsychotic, and I personally feel that it has affected my memory. I constantly forget to do something my parents had just asked me to do not even 5 minutes before. Up until the summer before freshman year of high school, the tics had been fairly basic. However, I developed coprolalia while in the middle of Disney World in Florida on a July 4th weekend. Of all the words known to mankind, I developed saying the "n" word. The coprolalia has progressed over the years, except I still say the "n" word constantly. The tics were actually pretty tolerable, however, once I graduated in 2012 and moved on to college my Tourette's and the tics EXPLODED. My OCD, ADHD, and tics got severely worse. I think it has to do with me not having a consistent schedule anymore and am eating out a lot more. I'm honestly just so lost as to where to start on my journey to figuring out natural/alternative ways to heal my Tourette's. I'm just tired of being tired all the time due to my meds. I HATE HATE HATE medications. I have tried CBD oil, I was considering DBS (Deep Brain e Stimulation), and am just....at a loss.....I don't go out anywhere...I live in my room on the computer or sleeping.. I promised to NEVER let the Tourette's win..but I'm at a point where I don't care anymore.

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Hi Ryan,  Welcome to the Forums, and I'm glad you wrote.

It is clear you have been though such a tough time with your Tourette's.  I'm sorry to learn of it, and all the meds you have tried unfortunately haven't been enough help. 

What area of the country do you live in now?

I'm gong to send a private message to you--please watch for it, OK? Sheila 

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