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I think the shyness is purely human. It's the lack of confidence that comes with knowing others might judge you. It's been tricky trying to keep my child's confidence up and trying to correct bad behavior and teach valves. During flares, I don't try to teach, I just try to calm. During stable calm, I might bring up lessons. Like, for me, bringing up the video of Pink stopping her concert to tend to a crying baby. Humility. Also, everyone has their issues, we must all learn to be brave and confident in spite of weaknesses. So, I don't let my kid think she is any different in this case. Just because she has PANDAS doesn't mean she doesn't have to build courage and confidence to stand up for herself and seek what she wants.

It's been tough; like she was friends with her gymnastic coach's daughter. That friend got into some stuff my daughter didn't like, so they are not friends now. It's been really hard for her to go to gym ever since. So every class is a mixture of "I don't want to go, I don't want to quit" panic attacks.

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