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Pls Help! Suspect PANDA. What tests to run?

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Hi all, 

I suspect PANDA. Can someone let me know what tests to run since I am seeing my DD's doctor Thurs. 

Also, does this sound like PANDA?

My DD vomited from a stomach flu end of January and few days later, sudden phobia about eating and can only eat simple food and very few things. Food she used to love to eat, she no longer can eat, because she thinks she may be allergic or eating will make her vomit. Her anxiety is so bad that she has debilitating physical symptoms after eating, like headache, lightheadedness, chest tightness making it hard to breathe, stomach pain. The physical symptoms are worse after eating and all symptoms lingers. Chest pain is worse when she lays down to sleep and comes on even when she feels a bit relax. The physical symptoms are so bothersome that she doesn't want to leave the house. The thought of leaving the house stresses her because she anticipate the fear of chest tightness and stomach pain. She has not been able to go to school almost 3 weeks. Does this sound like PANDA? She never had strep and this is the first time she vomited since birth. 

Last summer we went on vacation. On the plane ride, she sat next to me. I got sick and the sight and sound of me vomiting triggered her fear to get on the plane to fly home, along with fear to eat thinking that it may make her sick. She didn't eat much on vacation and was very stress. When we returned, she was able to eat even thou she had concerns. She also had mild chest and stomach pain but she was able to ignore the feeling. She was treated using NAET from our naturopathic doctor and her symptoms were almost all gone, until she vomited. 

Thanks in advance for your help!




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