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We tried several homeopaths.  The initial intake fee was always high and kind of laborious to go through.  None of them netted any positive changes, and worse, when we brought that up they did nothing to change.  Maybe there are better but all of the homeopaths were known to P families.  I have heard other success stories, but like about every other P treatment, what works for one doesn't work for another.

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Hi Mountainmom,

We've been using homeopathy for 3-4 years now. It hasn't created a complete cure, but it almost always yields some kind of relief for my son.  He's a terrible sleeper and homeopathy is the one thing that helps so much with that.  I haven't found anything else that helps. But he can't take pills or drinks or anything like that at this point.  He has a lot of tics (diagnosed w/ Tourettes, along with many other things), and it does help. Helps his energy and mood. But not every homeopath has helped- you have to find a good one. Currently we are seeing Pierre Fontaine in NYC... over Skype as we are in WA state.  It is very pricey, but I love the way he prescribes... one remedy at a time, low dose- no aggravations. He cares and he's very thorough and helpful. It's worth a shot!

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