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Headaches every night in pandas kid?

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My son 8.5 diagnosed almost a year ago when he went off a cliff was diagnosed with pandas due to high strep titers. Have been on azithromycin and Zoloft and doing much better. Had severe headaches when all started and several months later able to get rid of those but now back for past 2 months. They start every night between 5:30-7 and vary in intensity. Ibuprofen and aleve don’t really touch them. Any thoughts on why? Anyone else have these? Could it be the medicine. 

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Hi lyentzer,

So sorry to hear that your son's headaches have returned. My son (also 8.5) had headaches and stomach aches in the evening, but they were due to extreme anxiety. Could his headaches be anxiety? He couldn't really tell the difference. At that time he was also having panic attacks. Is he having other symptoms?


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My DD(11) was getting headaches, but because I have been through this myself I was went straight to massage. She would get pain in her back and neck. It happens everyday, and it's a little annoying trying to keep up to it.

But if you address the spot that the child is complaining about, you will usually find that muscles have a weird grainy feel to them. You can almost imagine thin paper crumpling. Press and stretch the muscles for a few minutes until it grainy feel goes away, or the child says that it is better.

It's easy to say that it's anxiety, but just as likely brain inflammation causing the muscles to contract. My daughter is always bending her neck trying to get the tension to release.

The stomach aches are greatly helped, IMHO, by alka seltzer gold. (Might have to order on-line.) My daughter would be doubled over, screaming in pain then be just fine after a 1 tablet (half dose.) The stomach aches were most often caused to anxiety of leaving the house.

I think the best thing I have done is the probiotic (psychobiotics) but it takes time. The stomach aches have almost completely stopped. 


Culturelle packets for kids

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