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Peeling fingers and toes?

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Does anyone else’s PANDA get peeling fingers and toes from time to time? My daughter has this issue at least once, maybe twice a year. I’ve asked her regular ped about it several times and they always kind of shrug it off. 

She just happened to have a stomach virus and fever for two days, but seems over it. She is in a bit of a PANDAS flare right now, which I attributed to the virus. 

She’s on daily Azitrhomycin (going on 2 mos.) and is also doing a Zeolite detox right now. Also takes a daily probiotic. 

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My daughter has also experienced peeling skin in her toes.  She seems to have reynauds.  One other interesting observation is that this symptom started after she got coxsackie.  Perhaps that is related?

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