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Finger movement tics

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My wife has persistent finger movement tics when she is concentrating, either reading, typing or talking. Which is a lot of the time ! I've only recently concluded that these are motor tics. She is VERY dyslexic, I'm not saying thats related but I suspect it is. The finger movements involve persistent rolling of her fingers on one another, or light picking of her nails. We are late 50s.

Anyway, its driving me mad ! I can barely bare to be in the same room. But she insists she can do nothing about it - perhaps she's right. The only way she can stop herself, temporarily, is to put her hands in her armpits !

Can anyone help, please !?

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Hi shobo

This might be a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) manifestation?

If so, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can be very helpful

Whether these are tics or OCD symptoms, do remember that the more attention you draw to either can actually intensify them. I know it can be hard to "ignore" when something is drawing our attention in a negative way, but your wife is being honest when she says she can't stop doing those actions. Tics and OCD are involuntary. So my advice is to try to be understanding and supportive as that will make it a lot better for both of you.

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