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Hi mlee, Assuming there are no serious health issues (heart disease, irregular heart beat, colitis or other digestive disorders) there should be no problem with short nightly Epsom salt baths as you describe.  A side effect such as dehydration would typically only occur with hot, long baths. You can also watch for any laxative effect.

Usually 1 to 2 cups of salts are used for a standard tub. Is that what you are doing? It's nice to read that it seems to be helpful. 

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Hi mlee

I agree with Sheila's comment, and can add that my son had tremendous benefits from his nightly Epsom Salts baths. and when a full bath wasn't convenient, he would do the Epsom footbaths

We always ensured he drank plenty of water, and never noticed any laxative effect from the transdermal uptake, just soothing of tics and muscles, and sound sleep following.

Good to hear your child is also responding well to this.

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Thank you! Yes he responds very well and I’m glad to hear that others have done nightly baths too. This puts my mind at ease.  Will continue to ensure he drinks lots of water and will watch for laxative issues should they arise. Thank you both!!

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